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The LaserCap

Laser Hair Restoration offers the LaserCap, as recommended by Dr. Melamed, as an advanced portable solution for hair stimulation. The LaserCap can be worn by men and women concerned with hair loss or thinning hair. With as little as three 30-minute treatments per week, you can experience thicker, stronger, and fuller hair in 3-6 months.

The LaserCap utilizes an advanced setup with 224 hair stimulating lasers arranged in a hands-free device. The unit is completely portable and can be inserted into the hat of your choice. The LaserCap has the most number of lasers and strongest degree of stimulation, all with guaranteed results.

The LaserCap has a pocket controller with a rechargeable Lithium ion battery. You can wear the LaserCap at your convenience without the restrictions of a power cable getting in your way.

LaserCap for Hair Restoration – our best solution.

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The 224 Lasers
The LaserCap is inlaid with 224 laser engineered for safety and efficacy. The laser insert comes connected to a black baseball cap. You can remove the insert and place into a cap or hat of your choice.

The LaserCap’s proprietary technology offers the first ever completely portable unit, offering new hope for men and women suffering with thinning, balding and dull hair.

LaserCap hair restoration

LaserCap utilizes 224 lasers in contrast to the 21 in iGrow and 30 in Revage 670. It incorporates physician-grade laser experience into a single completely portable and hands-free device. LLLT uses therapeutic soft low-light level lasers and broad coverage LED diodes with pure red light at 633-670 nm.

Laser therapy offers the optimum wavelength and frequency to treat hair loss. LaserCap stimulates an increase in micro-circulation of blood supplies in the scalp. This increases cellular metabolism and promotes the repair of damaged cells and weakened hair follicles. Dr. Melamed, a leading specialist in hair restoration, reports using LaserCap to stop the progression of hair loss and to stimulate new hair re-growth.

According to a review article published from Harvard Medical School (Hamblin M.R. Mechanisms of Low Level Light Therapy, Photobiology), the effects are based on enhanced cell proliferation, leading to more growth and rapid healing. This same principal is now applied in LLLT in order to repair damaged blood vessels in the scalp by promoting neovascularization, thereby providing hair follicles with the circulation they require. Research indicates that the loss of vascularization and gradual loss of hair can be alleviated by using combination laser and light therapy.

The LaserCap hair treatment program uses 224 laser diodes positioned in a hands-free device worn on the head. The proximity of the LaserCap to the patient’s scalp allows for maximum effectiveness and minimal dispersion of the laser & light energy. Each treatment session is 30 minutes on alternating days of the week. The FDA has certified LLLT laser as a class 1 cosmetic device.

LaserCap is safe. The laser does not emit ablative energy and is not hot. Hence, there is no risk of injuring the patient’s skin. The treatment does increased blood flow in the scalp, and some patients may experience a transient headache after the first few treatments.

Dr. Melamed recommends his patients to use the LaserCap in order to stop the progression of hair loss and to re-grow hair. After 6-8 weeks of regular use (as directed), LaserCap will stop the progression of excess hair loss, and stimulate a gradual increase in hair volume, thickness and growth.

Dr. Melamed has also recommend LaserCap as a treatment choice in managing androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss), telogen effluvium and menopausal hair thinning. Dr. Melamed reports that 80 percent of patients with androgenetic alopecia report increased hair density, and nearly all patients with telogen effluvium report complete cessation of shedding. Less than 2% of patients using laser hair therapy report a transient headache associated with increased blood-flow.

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Recommendations for HAIR RESTORATION and RE-GROWTH are by Dr. DAVID MELAMED and
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