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iGrow for laser hair restoration better than Hairmax as used by Dr. Melamed


Work on your computer, watch TV or Listen to music while using the iGrow LaserCap


Designed to cover the entire scalp with 51 Laser/LED's that provide an effective efficient treatment


Cost is less than most commonly used treatments, topical lotions or pills

Recommendations for HAIR RESTORATION and RE-GROWTH are by Dr. DAVID MELAMED and
do not represent claims by Apira Science Inc. or Transdermal Cap Inc.

Laser Hair Restoration Treatment

Board Certified: Laser Hair Restoration Program by Dr. David P. Melamed for the treatment of androgenic alopecia as well as menopausal hair thinning and telogen effluvium. The leading expert in Non-Surgical Permanent Hair Restoration for thinning or balding hair and hair loss as featured on CBS Evening News on Laser Hair Restoration, Fox 11 News (watch video), Good Day LA, Good Morning America and National Magazines. Many patients regain their own hair growing thicker hair after 6 months of using advanced low level laser technology, available from Dr. David Melamed in treating male loss of hair and female loss of hair at West LA Medical and Skincare. After hair transplant the laser stimulates faster healing and decreases swelling. Dr. Melamed recommends laser treatment for all hair transplant patients. West LA Hair Restoration specializes in hair restoration treatments for growing thicker hair and stronger hair for over 12 years. iGrow LaserCap laser hair restoration treatments are usually recommended on alternating days for 25 minutes per treatment with no pain no implants no wigs no surgery and no downtime. The iGrow LaserCap laser is recommended by Dr. Melamed for men and women losing hair as a treatment for thinning hair and generalized hair loss and to reverse hair loss in order to grow thicker and fuller hair. This is not a treatment to reverse balding if all the hair has already been lost. See the before and after pictures and see how you and loved ones can benefit from using the iGrow LaserCap laser to restore thicker and stronger hair with guaranteed results.