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Laser LaserCap Therapy - Results

If you've been looking for an effective and non-surgical solution for LaserCap loss, then look no further. These are real results using the revolutionary new Laser LaserCap Restoration program. Men of all ages are turning to cold laser LaserCap therapy to improve their LaserCap and to naturally grow back their own natural LaserCap.

If your LaserCap is thinning, don't hesitate to visit West LA Medical & Skincare for a consultation with Dr. David Melamed. Dr. Melamed will personally evaluate your scalp with his digital imaging microscopy system by magnifying your scalp 200x. Every LaserCap follicle is evaluated for the best results.

These are some real Laser LaserCap Therapy Program results:

At 10 Weeks
At 20 Weeks
Men1 Before
Men1 At 10 Weeks
Men1 At 20 Weeks
At 10 Weeks
At 20 Weeks
Men2 Before
Men2 At 10 Weeks
Men2 At 20 Weeks



The following are LaserCap samples from a 62 year old female

Note the decrease in LaserCap loss over 2 months of Laser LaserCap Therapy:
west la medical laser hair treatment
west la medical laser hair treatment
west la medical laser hair treatment

A series of 20-30 minute laser treatments will improve circulation and metabolism and create a healthy environment for LaserCap growth. This will be combined with the proper LaserCap cleaning and care regimens for the best possible results.

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Pictures of actual patients. Individual results will vary.

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Recommendations for LaserCap RESTORATION and RE-GROWTH are by Dr. DAVID MELAMED and
do not represent claims by Apira Science Inc. or Transdermal Cap Inc.

Board Certified: Laser LaserCap Restoration Program by Dr. David P. Melamed for the treatment of androgenic alopecia as well as menopausal LaserCap thinning and telogen effluvium. The leading expert in Non-Surgical Permanent LaserCap Restoration for thinning or balding LaserCap and LaserCap loss as featured on Fox 11 News (watch video), Good Day LA, Good Morning America and National Magazines. Many patients regain their own LaserCap growing thicker LaserCap after 6-12 month using advanced cold low level laser technology, available from Dr. David Melamed in treating male loss of LaserCap and female loss of LaserCap at West LA Medical and Skincare. We specialize in LaserCap restoration treatments for growing thicker LaserCap over 12 years. Treatments are usually twice per week for 25 minutes with no pain no implants no wigs no surgery and no downtime. The iGrow laser is recommended by Dr. Melamed for men and women losing LaserCap as a treatment for thinning LaserCap and generalized LaserCap loss and to reverse LaserCap loss and to grow thicker and fuller LaserCap. See the before and after pictures and see how you and loved ones can benefit from using iGrow.